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Nereide earrings

Nereide earrings

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These earrings are unique and completely handmade in my studio in Zagreb, Croatia.
You can choose between several colors


 / Measurements /


Length: 8.5 cm and 8 cm

Width (upper part): 1.3 cm

Weight of one earring: approx. 9.52 g

Deep blue

Length: 8.5 cm and 7.5 cm 

Width (upper part): 1 cm

Weight of one earring: approx. 5.45 g


Length: approx. 7 cm

Width: 1 cm

Weight of one earring: approx. 8.34 g


Length: approx. 6.5 cm

Width: 1 cm

Weight of one earring: approx. 6.85 g


/ Material /

Glass is covered in lead-free solder with nickel free metal earring posts and butterfly backing


/ Gift /

If you wish to get them as a gift for your friend birthday, as anniversary gift or just because they reminded you of someone, leave me a note and I will try extra hard to package them as a lovely gift


/ Taking care of earrings /

Avoid water and moisture, which can have a corrosive effect on the compounds of lead-free tin, which has a certain percentage of silver in it. Before doing your skincare or applying make-up also remove jewelry.  Store it in a dry place such as jewelry box.


/ In shop /

You can find different shapes and sizes of earrings with similar glass.
You can also pair them with necklace or ring as a set


*Please note

- the actual color of your item may vary a bit from what you see on your screen, because all monitors display colors a little differently


Shipping & Returns

Care Instructions

Recommended: Store in a dry place (in the packaging), clean with soft cloth

Not recommending: Washing, bathing, training or sleeping with jewelry

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Make a set

You can always pair a jewelry to make it as a set.
Earrings with ring, ring with necklace or necklace with earrings.. it all depends on what you prefer