Our products


Glass Land products are one of a kind and handmade, and they are made with technique called stained glass.

Main material that I use in creating products is glass specified for making stained glass. I buy glass in large sizes, various colors, textures and patterns.



Every little piece that I need for making something as jewelry or home decoration I need to cut with special diamond knife, break it with glass pliers, after which I grind each piece of glass with a glass grinder until the edge of the glass becomes completely smooth.
Between bare glass and lead-free tin I apply copper foil which I need to press really hard but gently not to break the glass.



I solder glass with a 100w soldering iron with lead-free tin that is completely safe for the skin, and as accessories I use nickel-free metals and stainless steel



After soldering the final product needs to be polished and it’s more or less prepared for you.