Our story



Hello there!
My name is Anja Jelavić and I’m the girl who stands behind the small Croatian brand Glass Land.
I’m an artist who have a Master degree in Arts and my official story with Glass Land started while studying at a beautiful Academy of Applied Arts.
I remembered as a young kid watching my mom played with glass and learning technique called stained glass; creating adorable figurines, glass paintings and gorgeous table lamps.
Those beautiful panels of glass in irresistible colors and patterns, shadows of pieces of glass on the walls  that lamp shade created at night and all the possibilities what that firm piece of glass can offer was mesmerizing for me. I think it was certainly expected that I will work with glass at some point in my life and that point started sooner than expected.
Everything you see; from one of a kind and handmade products, photos, packaging, is made and created by me but nothing would be possible without the great support from the people that loves and believes in me.
I must say that I have a lot of help from my dad, who often helps me grind and polish glass and products. without him, the whole production would be much slower
I really enjoy creating something so unique and special with unconventional material such as glass and I can't be more happier with all the love and support I receive from you